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Top Tips for Taking Perfect pictures with Your Smartphone

There are key things that you should know when you are taking pictures with your phone so that you can take the perfect shot. Here are things that you should know so that you take professional pictures with your phone.

The first thing that you should take into account when taking pictures with your phone is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds will guide you so that you can frame your subject correctly. This rule says that an image should be broken into thirds so that you can have nine rectangular segments. Then, you want to ensure that all important objects are along these lines to ensure that the photo looks balanced, cleaner and more creative.

Another tip to keep in mind when taking pictures with your phone is lighting. For you to take pictures with great lighting, you need to know the types of basic light; backlight, fill light and key light. Avoid too much lighting because it will cause an unflattering silhouette effect on your subject. It is therefore advisable that you use natural because camera flash makes the photo look overexposed.

When taking a picture, it is advisable that you focus on one subject.

However, you may find it difficult to focus on your subject if your phones auto adjust is turned on. Therefore, you may want to turn it off to ensure better focusing and lighting is optimized. You can make your subject stand out even more by leaving two-thirds of the photo as negative space.

Avoid zooming a picture especially if you are capturing it from a distance.

Zooming only enlarges the image and makes it look pixelated or blurry. Instead you can choose to step closer to them but if you can’t, crop for more interesting pictures.

Wiping your lens is a trick that most people don’t pay attention to but it can get you quality pictures. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens without leaving a scratch.

With development in technology, there are many apps that you can download that will give you great shots and variety of filters. You can apply all sorts of filters to your picture to boost your photos and create an interesting panorama.

An important tip is to get creative and experiment with different subjects. When you try new things and play around with angles, you find yourself taking shots that are unique. Finally, get a lot of practice so that you will become a better photographer. Make several attempts to capture the same image so that you can understand your weaknesses and improve your skills with each shoot.

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